About Macscon Financial Services

Macscon is a comprehensive strategic and management consulting firm located in Chicago, IL.  Our primary core competency lies in our ability to provide corporate level advisory services to our clients on their key issues related to Strategy, Operations, Financing, Corporate Planning, Business/Brand Development, and Market Placement, we do this by  leveraging our expertise and using our analytical capabilities to help them to navigate key decisions that have a major impact on their operations. 

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Service Offerings

Corporate Analysis

Our corporate analysis strategies are designed to review and correct key aspects of your business.  From finance to management to board direction our solutions are proven.

Due Diligence Consulting

Due Diligence has become a general term in today's economy.  At Macscon, we still perform 'true' due diligence for internal corporate objectives, acquisitions and merger offerings.

Packaging Solutions

Our suite of products will assist your company with accomplishing your goals.  Business plans, equity reports and investor presentations are just some of the components of our corporate packages.


Strategic relationships are critical to growing companies and they offer potential and provide viral growth opportunities that investors are interested in obtaining and financing. In several ways, quality strategic relationships, can aid a company in many areas as well as facilitating stronger sales and channels.

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